Impact of Digital Imaging Technologies in Contemporary Art Painting

Technology has certainly changed the way art is perceived and created. It has been an inspiration in itself and has also been the hallmark behind the birth of some artists. Purists who take pride in the archaic art style may cringe at the onslaught of technology, but its impact on contemporary art painting is certainly undeniable.Some people, in fact, find it unimaginable to create works without any assistance from technology. Digital imaging has not only broadened the horizon of the modern artists but has also given a further boost to their creative flair.So, we have digital tools like Photoshop which have given fresh wings to painters who were in need for some help to add more flair to their work. The artists of today are tech-oriented. Some painters actually have the ability to convert their own shoddy works into master pieces once they are given tech tools.Illustrator and CAD are also highly popular tech tools which are being deployed in modern art paintings. The introduction of digital imaging basically commenced from the 90s. But over the past few years, especially after the advent of the new millennium, digitization of artworks has grown by leaps and bounds.Geometrical interpretation of paintings has also received a boost. The entire vocabulary of painting has gone through a sea change. Digitization has lent a breath of fresh air to several artists who may have found it difficult to survive otherwise. But on the other hand, too much digitization has also eroded the significance of traditional-style paintings. So, the topic is one which can raise debates that can go on forever.Some eminent modern painters have given their nod to digitization. Many have professed their dependence on Microsoft’s tools and Paints. These digital tools may lack the retro charm but there is no harm if they can arouse the interest of young budding artists and give them a plausible mean to vent their talent.’Photoshopping’ has also been a much-talked about thing for the past few years. Filtering of images through Photoshop has become not just popular but very useful especially for the media-based industry. Modern artworks have certainly shifted gear and are likely to veer away and away from the conventional styles.Impact of digital imaging in contemporary art painting is glaringly obvious. But it is essential that the future generation of painters do not totally quit the basics and follow the traditional principles in some form or the other.

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